An Empire is Building

Secret Sauce Baits is your provider of baits that perform. We release new and dynamic baits on a regular basis to give our customers the best edge in the battle for the big one.

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    Our Story

    Secret Sauce Baits was founded to bring regional baits nationally while also developing our own products in house. Based in Tempe, AZ Secret Sauce Baits the company prides itself on consistently bringing new offerings to market while focusing on niche opportunities to build strong cultures around our products.

    Double D club

    Send us your pics with measurements, scale reading and a picture of you holding the bass for an opportunity to be featured and receive swag limited to club members only! Double D refers to a 10lb plus bass!

    Billy Skinner - AZ

    Mike Cahill - AZ

    Matt Williams - AZ

    Austin Rojas - AZ